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Feelings of Love Jewelry

♥Jewelry to and From the Heart♥


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Our Story

Hi I'm Karen...Welcome! Feelings of Love Jewelry is more than just a jewelry brand; it's a testament to the power of transforming personal grief into something beautiful, meaningful, and impactful My journey of loss and healing from the death of all 3 members of my family, my Mom, Dad and brother due to cancer has manifested in a collection of jewelry pieces that hold the potential to touch the hearts of individuals who want to express their feelings on a lovely piece of jewelry. By blending creativity, compassion and workmanship Feelings of Love Jewelry stands as a reminder that a positive outcome can come and connection in the face of loss. Karen ♥♥
Johan Johansson
As a long-time hand-made jewelry fan I can tell this brand is different. Karen is beyond amazing! She crafts wonderful pieces of jewelry and you can tell how special each creation is! She very easily feels more of a friend then just someone selling her pieces. I will be back to buy more soon. Thank you so much ❤
Alice Abigaile
Karen made me a beautiful necklace that I get so many compliments on! Great quality and price! Thanks Karen!
Oona Odegard
Just received my luna necklace and wow...Simply WOW. First of all, the delivery was very really quick. Second, the packaging is a piece of art. I💗 The box for the necklace is also cute.
Cindy Clark
I bought 2 items off of Karen and I love them both!! The were both custom made and perfect!! She is a very nice lady and definitely does quality work! I will buy from Karen again for sure!
Karen was a pleasure to work with! Her pieces are beautiful and I am so happy with her work. thank you again!
P. Lane
Karen did a custom job for me, completed in just a couple of days. So personable, so great to deal with! She’s so talented! Everyone should look at her work.
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